The Leather jacket fashion from the past until today

Leather jackets have always been in style, ever since the dawn of the leather fashion industries that pushed these jackets as the ultimate fashion accessory.

These jackets are very versatile and very easy to wear for both men and women.

It can fit many styles. Either when you are going on that first date with the girl or guy you want during Spring time, or hanging out with your friends for beers at an AW (After Work). Leather jackets represent the one and only fashion item that can keep you looking fresh all day long. This ultimate high fashion apparel amalgamates perfectly fashion and function in a way that few others wished to match.

This popular leather outfit can be categorized into three different types of leather jackets. 

The bomber jackets. 

The biker jackets. 

The racer jackets. 

However, there are many more types of such jackets, countless styles have been created by the fashion industries throughout the years.

Such jackets have been a trend ever since they came out and they are definitely not going to be out of fashion anytime soon!

If you think about it, they are the perfect outfit for any occasion. There is no fashion blogger, influencer or instagrammer that does not have at least one piece of leather jacket to combine with his or her clothes.

We will travel in time to understand how contemporary, yet all-time classic is the leather jacket fashion.

Leather Jacket

Leather, Leather Baby

In 1928, Irvin Schott took advantage of this amazing piece of outwear and introduced it into the fashion world as a light, yet warm jacket to wear. Schott was quite dary and manager to infiltrate this leather jacket into fashion addicts’ houses. His design bears a resemblance to the modern motorcycle leather jacket. Fun fact, the first such jacket was named after Schott’s favorite cigar company – The Perfecto.

He couldn’t have been more accurate about the name. The jacket design was perfect. He managed to keep the leather legend alive until today by being worn by fashionistas. In fact, this type of leather jacket can be categorized into the street fashion, usually combined with jeans that also made their first appearance in the 1900s.

In order to make the leather jacket an all time classic, Schott’s design had  daring zipper closure instead of buttons. This, managed to accentuate the entire look of the leather jacket. The fun fact in this story is that one would think that it would cost a fortune. Nope! Schott’s first fashionable leather jacket sold it for $5.50, ONLY! Probably the cheapest price that a leather jacket could ever have had in the history of leather fashion and fashion in general.

Making Leather Jackets

Rebel, Rebel Leather

As soon as Schott’s leather jacket started selling like crazy. The leather jacket started to become the ultimate fashion accessory and began to gain popularity. In fact, a ton of fashion addicts adopted the style into their daily wear, which made it even more popular. This is how the leather jacket became a staple for every fashionista’s closet. The peak was in 1950s. This is the time that the leather jacket skyrocketed with Hollywood embracing it in some of the most popular and highly acclaimed movies of the day (remember John Travolta in Grease? We do! We love him!).

Though, the very first actor wearing a leather jacket in a Hollywood famous film was Marlon Brando in The Wild One. This movie character was a dangerous man, yet sexy gang member who had a great fashion sense. People went crazy over it, both men and women!

After Brando’s first leather jacket appearance, we then had James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause. Hollywood plays a major role in the history of leather jackets. In fact, it creates rebels wearing sexy leather jackets, the association with a bad boy persona did not take long to infiltrate every day society.

Later, rock stars started adopting this style like Steve McQueen, Elvis and The Beetles. It becomes, then, rock and roll.

Making a leather jacket

Women Entering the Scene

Rock and Roll flourishes. More and more rock and rollers adopt their style and mentality, in the following years. The leather style, once dominated by men, now becomes hit with the ladies as well. 

Around the 19070s and 1980s, the first women musicians started wearing leather jackets. This is when the boom started! Blondie and Joan Jett were among the first women that made this new style acceptable to women all around the world. This was around the 1970s and 1980s.

Ever since then, the numbers have all augmented. Sales, produce, leather hides. The leather jacket became more and popular with every coming year. This leather trend does not age, it becomes better and better. 

The Final Leather Touch

As you may see, the leather jacket’s story is nor ordinary, we would rather say it is extraordinary and extravagant. It has had an exciting journey. Rising from blood and gory atmosphere of the warzone to the glamorous lifestyle of the fashion runway. One thing is sure, this practical, yet fashionable garment has kept its enthusiasts warm. After this extensive history of the leather jacket, we can assure you that this timeless classic trend is not going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

Leather Jacket with fur