The Environmental Impacts Of Leather

It is common knowledge that some types of leather are tanned with chemicals and they can be a detriment to the environment. Vegetable-tanned leather, however, is crafted through a more natural process, without any toxic chemicals.

Can Vegetable tanned leather impact the environment? Here are a few answers to this question :


What is Vegetable tanned leather and how is it made?


Vegetable-tanned leather is animal skins tanned with vegetable-based acids. Vegetable tanning uses organic materials and natural tannins derived from the barks, leaves and branches of trees and plants. This process is completely safe for the environment and causes no harm to the earth. Vegetable tanning is the most authentic method of dying leather –and is a technique that has been used for centuries. It creates a unique finish that is undoubtedly safe for the environment.


natural leather


Is the process Recyclable?


Yes, the process of making vegetable-tanned leather is recyclable. It is in fact, every leather tanneries’ responsibility to recover, reuse and recycle any waste caused by tanning leather. An example of how they recycle vegetable-tanned leather are fibres that are removed from the hides are recycled to make agricultural fertiliser and waste from the depuration process is recycled to create bricks for the construction industry.


How Much Electricity is Used for Vegetable tanned Leather?


Not much electricity is used. Hands are still used for Vegetable tanned leather process and are more effective than technology. Little energy is needed to power this classic way of tanning. Despite being slower, vegetable tanning uses elements like sunlight and the ground, which helps the environment. After the tanning process in wooden barrels, the hides are hung and left to dry naturally with just fresh air and no mechanical aid.



Does Vegetable Tanned Leather use any Synthetic Substances?


Vegetable-tanned leather does not use any synthetic substances. It is completely natural and it helps out the invironment. It is sustainable and durable and it has unique imperfections that give a personality to the leather. Vegetable tanned leather gets better as it ages.


vegetable tanned natural leather

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